Truth and Life Empowerment Community Ministries Inc., 2018 Community Impact Awards 

TLECM Inc., Community Impact Awards, recognizes individuals in the community at large who have made a difference in the local community.  Nominees can be those who are from the ministry as well as those who are from the community at large.  Each person nominated for each category will receive a certificate at the event once attendance confirmation has been received.   Nominees will be then placed into their prospective category and a voting poll will be open to the community at large.  The polls will be open from August 1st to August 31st.  

This event will include a red carpet reception,  and a dinner entree.  We plan to have live entertainment and also a guest motivational speaker.  These awards are open to the community at large.  

This is a fundraiser event that will go towards serving the local community as well.  Tickets can be purchased $25.00 in advance per person, $35.00 day of the event and you can get two tickets for $40.00 in advance.  

Please see the categories below and feel free to nominate.  If you are interested in nominating an individual please feel free to email [email protected] .

Nomination Categories:

1. Community Service Award-One who feeds the homeless and volunteers in the community.  This nominee has  displayed numerous of community volunteer work comprising of feeding the  homeless,  and or making a difference in the city.

2. Impact Awards- One who makes a positive difference in people's lives, environment.  This nominee is one who has impacted the community at large and individually for the better. Whether it is through volunteering in the community or positively making an impact individually. This person has displayed the spirit of a Positive Influence in the community.

3. Life Life Again- One who has made a tremendous impact with those affected with HIV.  This particular person has been known through the community as one who educates and informs the community of Philadelphia at large with the HIV/AIDS challenges within the city of Philadelphia.  

4. Excellence Education Award- One who has played a positive key role in the Education Arena. This nominee displays Excellence in education in the community at large.  This person has played an important work in making sure that the youth of tomorrow is educated and prepared for tomorrow's future. 

5. Empowerment Award- One who encourages the lives of people to be empowered with the tool of resources of education, training and networking in the community at large. This person has provided resources and tools to impact the community at large.  This person has been known as a person who has been a cornerstone for the community at large.

6. Spoken Word -One who is able communicate the art of words and brings healing/empowerment.  This particular nominee is known through the community as one who has allowed their work to speak as a resource of change. 

7. Healthy Lives- One who promotes healthy living and displays the lifestyle.  This nominee has displayed and provided health resources to the community. This person is actively involved in the local community using fitness resources for a better healthy community.

8. Master Chef Award- One who promotes healthy cooking and education to the public.  This person  provides the basic essentials for  a healthy community at large.   

9. Promoter Impact- One who has had a history of promoting to the community at large.  This person is well known throughout the community for promoting events that not only empower the community but also provides a healthy social settings for the community at large.

10.   Mentorship Award- One has played a significant part in the lives of men-tees. One who has been able to play not only a positive impact in the lives of  an individual but also in the lives of the community as well.